For sale by owner

So you’ve decided to sell your home yourself.
Whats Next?
Where and How do I Market the property?
How do I get my home advertised on the Internet?
How do I create flyers for my home?
Can I put my home on Facebook and other social sites?
Can I create an attractive and informative site for Craig’s List?

These questions and more are what you should be asking yourself.

With your virtual tour and website package fron Big Daddy Virtual Tours, you are getting a complete marketing package.
You will be getting a virtual tour and website, and property flyers.
You will be able to up load your property to the real estate search engines with a click of your mouse.
You will be able to upload the property to YouTube, or if you already have a video on YouTube you can have it load onto your property tour.
You can copy and paste the code for attractive and informative ads on Craig’s List.

You get all this and more for only $34.95.


About Big Daddy Guru

Real estate broker in Bartlett and the Chicago metro area. I've been helping people to buy and sell homes just like yours for over 30 years.
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