Housing Trends in Hoffman Estates

Hoffman Estates Real Estate Analysis

Hoffman Estates Real Estate Market Stats

Average Home Values

Price Distribution

Home Averages

$193,500 Average Price
1,578 Avg Home Size
1973 Avg Year Built

Owners vs Renters

Local vs National Home Values

  Local National Zillow Home Value Index $184,400 $148,100 Median Single Family Home Value $219,300 $148,200 Median Condo Value $85,600 $147,000 Median 2-Bedroom Home Value $110,200 $111,000 Median 3-Bedroom Home Value $179,600 $142,000 Median 4-Bedroom Home Value $271,300 $232,800 Percent Homes Decreasing 74.1% 51.7% Percent Listing Price Reduction 35.7% 30.8% Median List Price Per Sq Ft $124 $93 Median List Price $178,000 $189,000 Median Sale Price $193,500 $190,700 Homes Recently Sold 50 300,667 Property Tax $5,151 $2,111 Turnover (Sold Within Last Yr.) 2.8% 3.3% Median Value Per Sq Ft $123 $107 1-Yr. Change -9.6% -0.9% Homes For Sale By Owner 7 54,222 New Construction 1 44,626 Foreclosures 387 535,296

About Big Daddy Guru

Real estate broker in Bartlett and the Chicago metro area. I've been helping people to buy and sell homes just like yours for over 30 years.
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