Free Real Estate Classifieds, Posting Real Estate Classifieds

Free Real Estate Classifieds, Posting Real Estate Classifieds at Big Daddy Guru
I just discovered that I can add my IDX real estate search engine on my real estate classified ads at Big Daddy Guru. This is a very awesome new tool that I’ll be using on all my client’s listings from now on. This allows anyone to not only look at the home listing, but also allows them to search for other properties in the area.

This free real estate classified site is not just for posting your real estate listings, there is also a category for Realtors to post their profiles to network with other Realtors, and another category for buyers and sellers to search for Realtors in their area.

The site also has other categories to post classifieds to such as cars, trucks, personals, employment, business, etc.

Big Daddy Guru is also giving away a free IPad to 1 lucky person in 100 that purchases a featured classified ad.

Doesn’t matter if your a Realtor or selling a home on your own, you should check out this new real estate classified site, and post a few of your real estate listings. Follow this link to visit this free real estate classified site at Big Daddy Guru. If you use the promo code free7201 you can post free featured classifieds.

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Real estate broker in Bartlett and the Chicago metro area. I've been helping people to buy and sell homes just like yours for over 30 years.
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